About Scotts

For the archer that wants the
Very Best

I have over 20yrs. experience
How It's Done Right!

TIM Design and Manufacturing
(Total Integrated Manufacturing)

 Quad-Center Proprietary Technique 

Made with the best jigs and fixtures

All fibers are laid out and stretched before any serving applied.

String bundles are stretched up to 9 times in the TIM process to different pressures

Served under over At 400Lbs Pressure
 German made winders
Apple and Specialty serving machines

Perfect shooting platform
Before any end or center serving is applied
 Strings are twisted 6 turns in 12" Under Pressure 

Minimal Break-in
25/30 arrows
then install peep
Included is 6" D-Loop and 3' Nylon peep thread!
If installed correctly, your string should be ready to shoot

Ready for Action

I can tailor your strings and the material 
to your shooting style
BCY products
Compound String
​452X/ BCYX/ ​8190/ X99
Halo 62XS Power Grip 2S

Olympic Recurve Strings
8125G- Angel- 652

Shooting Staff spots available-Send short Resume to scottsstrings@aol.com